It’s In The Bag


‘Tis the season… to buy BAGs! I don’t know why, but fall always seems to put me in bag-buying mood. First of all, summer bags go on sale and who doesn’t love SALES? And secondly, winter bags are in full force and I have such a thing for hefty leather goods. But fall/winter bags must meet certain criteria before they meet my wallet: A. Zipper! (so snow doesn’t clog up the inside of my purse!) B. Only real leather need apply (pleather is not durable enough) C. Must rest comfortably on my shoulder and/or sling over body, messenger style (I wear really LARGE THICK coats in the winter, and I don’t want to worry about my bag slipping from my mitten’d hands so the bag must go on my shoulder)

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what A/W bags are up to the challenge!

Rebecca Minkoff Love Letter Satchel

Rebecca Minkoff Love Satchel, $495.00

RM Inside

Cute print!

Wowzas, this bag is cute AND pricey! $495 is a bit outta my budget right now, but this Rebecca Minkoff bag from Shopbob is perfect for my cold season needs. And it’s called Love Satchel! EEK! Totally heart&want it. (Psst wouldn’t it have been cute if the inside print were hearts with little arrows through them to keep with the “Love” theme?)

See by Chloe Backstage Hobo, $416.50 (30% off of $595)

See by Chloe Backstage Hobo, $416.50 (30% off of $595)



I know I know, this bag is still over $400. But whenever I see that something is on sale, I get tricked into purchasing the exorbitant thing! This See by Chloe Backstage Hobo is such a beautiful red color. But it’d probably clash with my red coat and my red scarf and my red hat huh… Or is it the more red the merrier at this point? Oh, and I just realized that this bag is not a zipper-top. See what the SALE sign does to me?!?

Tory Burch Flapper Satchel

Tory Burch Flapper Satchel, $515.00



How much do you adore the suede fringe? Just think, when it’s windy, the fringe will be doin a little dance! Ok, it’s over 5 Benjamins, but I think good bags are usually in the $300 and up price range, right? And an additional $200 for some FUN aka FRINGE is worth it! This Tory Burch Flapper Satchel (again, cute name!) is going straight to the top of my Christmas Wish List!

Be & D Garbo Tote with Gold Hardware, $1,490.00

Be & D Garbo Tote with Gold Hardware, $1,490.00



Wait a minute... is that SUEDE LINER???

I put this bag on this post so it would alleviate any guilt when buying a mere $500 bag. This AWESOME Be & D Garbo Tote with Hardware is a pretty penny, but what a pretty purse it is! And the makers are from BROOKLYN! HOLLA!

And don’t forget to care for your leather bags! They are an investment after all. If you think about having a bag for forever, then $1500 spread out over a lifetime doesn’t seem so bad…


2 Responses to “It’s In The Bag”

  1. the first one is a lil too much for me, i loooove that red chloe!

  2. 2 nas

    i’m a big fan of that red bag!

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