Support The Arts!


I met someone earlier this week who told me that he only buys books from his local bookstore. It’s not such a novel concept, but I think hearing it this time appealed to me more so probably because the Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene (Jonathan Lethem will be there tonight, reading from his new novel Chronic City!) just opened and it’s exciting to see the arts make a comeback. For this reason, I wanted to shine a spotlight on sites and “stores” like Etsy that feature a lot of handmade works from individuals. The online shop can get overwhelming, but that just makes finding something you do like all the more rewarding!

Anyway, in honor of the autumn I’m missing back home, I’ve selected a few “autumny” pieces I liked while browsing the site.

Riona hand knitted cardigan coat, $145

Move over slanket! This one’s got cozy and cool knitted all into it. Pair it with a cup of hot chocolate and we’re good.



tiger lily jersey scarf, $25

I love scarves that can go round and round and round. Despite other disadvantages of my unfortunately short neck (how am I to see the parade marching by??), it’s great to hide behind layers of soft cotton, especially against the blistering winds.

Life is Good emoticon mittens, $26

Ok, I had to. They’re so cute.

barquentine skirt, $128

For the romantic side of autumn: Riding your bike in the park, picking apples in the orchard, watching the sunset. It’s a skirt I can’t wait to bring out again in Spring.


ACCESSORIES! Although, I’m thinking about making these myself… Is that like plagiarism or flattery?


iPod case made of wool felt and leather, $19

13" laptop sleeve made of wool felt and black/brown leather, $70


2 Responses to “Support The Arts!”

  1. 1 lolo

    I’m in love with that skirt. Oh how I love me some bows…

  2. I’m not usually one for full skirts but that wrap piece looks perfect.

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