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I spent my Thanksgiving in Ireland this year. I know, kind of odd celebrating an American holiday on non-American soil. The bf had tons of finals and papers due so I decided to be nice and fly over there for the holiday. To be honest, I didn’t mind very much because I was looking forward […]

Safe Travels


For those of us lucky (unlucky?) enough to not have to organize an orphan Thanksgiving, today’s going to be one of the most intense traveling experiences of the year. I’m already emotionally preparing myself for the mad dash to Penn Station once I get out of work. If I were smart and not lazy, I’d […]

I only own super comfy cotton undies. The kind you don’t parade around in in front of significant others. Recently, the bf asked me to get cuter undies because he was horrified at my collection of 50 asexual boring cotton undies. (Confession: Even with my 50 pairs, not a single one of them match my […]

It’s a pretty good time of the year and I’m excited to go visit the family in Jersey this week for what I’ve been told will be two Thanksgiving Day dinners — one on Thursday and a bonus meal on Saturday. I just downed about two handfuls of chocolate-covered peanuts so it’s safe to say […]

Has anyone attended an ‘Ugly Holiday Sweater’ party? Every year, I try to wheedle an invitation, but I never get invited to one! Can someone please please send me an invite? I would greatly appreciate! However, I can’t seem to find any ugly sweaters. All I can find are these super cute ones! How badly […]

This New Years, we’re shaking things up — and by that I mean, we’re jumping across the pond to ring in 2010 Dublin-style. Regardless of where we are, however, one thing will always be synonymous with New Year celebrations — sequins. So what if I’m a month-and-a-half early? You can be sure I won’t be […]

I just got HBO, Showtime, and 200 more cable channels today. It was perfect because I was really sick and had to leave work early. And what could I do but settle into my bed and watch movie after movie? First movie on my “Watch This To Get Better List” (yes, that list exists): Miss […]