Sweatshirts You Won’t Want to Sweat In



Akin to the simple, subtle aesthetics of the plain white t, the sweatshirt has a certain je ne sais quoi that somehow makes it okay to use French in a sentence describing it. Comfortable, durable, expendable, sweatshirts are what we typically associate with gymming or throwing over our PJs for those covert ops to the bodega. But thankfully that’s one stereotype society’s managed to overcome! Okay, so maybe you won’t be sporting these to your next cocktail party (or will you?), but sticking it in a sweaty locker? That’s just foul play.

Like what you see? Here’s where to get them:

a. Acid Wash Raglan Tee, Forever 21, $13.80

b. Bell Hop Zip Hoodie, Forever 21, $24.80

c. Miranda Kerr, heather gray sweatshirt from French designer Marant

d. Pyramid Studded Hoodie, Forever 21, $19.80

e. Zebra Pullover, Forever 21, $17.80

f. Unisex California Fleece X-Colour Hoody, American Apparel, $44.00

g. Kate Bosworth, light gray sweatshirt

h. Raglan Tunic, Delia’s, $39.50

i. Military Double-Breasted Hoodie, Delia’s, $49.50

j. Unisex California Fleece Sweatshirt, American Apparel, $47.00


3 Responses to “Sweatshirts You Won’t Want to Sweat In”

  1. Loves it! Give me A and B please ;-)


  2. seriously considering b. maybe I should go as a bellhop for halloween… and thus be totally justified in so doing? maybe?

  3. I support your decision 100%.

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