The Guy Shirt


In college I would wear a denim jacket my dad used to wear in college. I got away with it until a watershed closet-purging incident at the end of sophomore year during which T officially banned it from my wardrobe. I dutifully returned the jacket to my father, but menswear has always sneaked its way back in.

What I’ve learned, however, is that you can’t just throw on a guy’s shirt and expect it to look the way it does on models and celebrities. There’s a difference between looking baggy-chic and looking like you’re wearing a bag.

I guess they’re calling the man-turned-woman’s shirt “the boyfriend shirt” nowadays but since I don’t have a boyfriend and since my source of men’s shirts tend to come from my dad and my brother, I’d prefer to just stick with the term “guy shirt.” TMI?

Here are some of my favorite looks from women who’ve pulled off the guy shirt in excellent feminine form.

Keri Russell Menswear

Keri Russell had a gorgeous photo shoot in the January 2009 issue of InStyle magazine (more photos from the shoot here!). She cops to “wearing all of [her] husband’s clothes, including his shirts and sweaters.” Another reason to get married — instantly double your wardrobe.


I love the idea of wearing a loose button up as a light jacket. It gives the overall look a casual, effortless feel but looks amazingly well-played. Bravo. This look was put together by ShopBop.

Vanessa Hudgens_Menswear

So hot! Short shorts — and uh, ridiculously svelte legs — are advised. Check out more of Vanessa’s pantless look.


This is actually featured in Gap’s Maternity Wear section but who cares! And bonus? It’s on sale! Wear it with skinnies or leggings, booties or boots. Layer it with a comfy sweater or a leather jacket. Throw on a scarf and your favorite bag and you’re ready to take on a beautiful autumn weekend.


Pair a men’s shirt (this one’s her dad’s!) with sexy shorts and cute shoes and you’ve struck a perfect gender balance. Adelle has a ton of great looks you can see here on her Lookbook page or check out her blog.


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