Cut Instinct


We’ve all got our opinions. Some we keep to ourselves, some we declare proudly, and others we spend long email chains discussing until finally, 87 replies later, we agree to disagree.

So when it comes to something as subjective as fashion and style, different tastes are bound to spice up the conversation. On Cut Instinct, I’ll be reaching out to you — yea! you! — for your thoughts on the latest trends. The game, so to speak, will be based on your gut (get it?) and will resemble a game many of us are familiar with: Do, Marry, Kill. Basically, two guest “judges” are invited to reveal which style, if spotted heading their way, would alert their “do” impulse, their “marry” impulse, and their “kill” impulse. Sounds primitive, but hey, when you know, you know.

Wanna play, too? Tell us which looks you’d want to do, marry, kill!

The Lineup:


The Judges

Alter Ego: Sassy McSass
Age: 23
Occupation: Slave to the movie gods
Sexual Preference: Male at the moment
Current Style Candy: Alexa Chung… (We can still show off our bare legs in late October in LA)
Two truths and a Lie: I just spent over $250 on boots. I’m obsessed with heels. Winter is my favorite season to dress for.

Alter Ego: JayZor
Age: 22
Occupation: Architect
Sexual Preference: Female
Current Style Candy: My eye
Two truths and a Lie: I am Chinese. I am 5’10”. I hate Art.

The Verdict

Sassy McSass:

Do: (A) Casual, fun, comfortable, perfect lover style.
Marry: (B) Feminine, girly, poised, everything I want in a mate.
Kill: (C) Definitely killing that dress….


Do: (C) Clothing on this particular girl shows off her figure and dim-witted pose, and gives off the impression that she is not too bright.  Therefore, she is less prone to talk or contribute to any intellectual conversation.  Her outfit tells the viewer that she would not care if you slept with her and never called her back.
Marry: (B) Kill her really, but despite the ridiculous pants, which begins to talk about a certain type of annoying, rebellious behavior, she gives off the look which says “I am cultured,” and maybe likes Phoenix or Passion Pit.  But her pants and sunglasses make me doubt it because she is simply trying too hard.  Ultimately, she would be put in the same category as Girl A, as high maintenance.
Kill: (A) Seems high maintenance with her Chanel bag, and loud pink skirt, and a poor woman closing a car door for the lazy bum.  She wears a flower blouse that was most likely very expensive, hence why she bought it, but, in fact, looks terrible.


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