Lookin at LOOKBOOK


I am a really big fan of LOOKBOOK. (If it takes too long to load, try their tumblr.) It’s awesome how much thought goes into the aesthetic of the picture. The images are similar to magazine spreads, rather than just shots of the outfit.

While perusing the site today, I found some easy looks I’d love to steal. Just click on the images to lead you to each LOOKBOOK page. Without further ado, here’s some inspiration for fall-friendly looks:


Love the pop of green! Although I don’t think I can pull them off the knee-high socks without looking like a schoolgirl, I’m still appreciative of them. And to tie it all together, the blazer! You all know how much I’m obsessed with blazers this season! Madame Julietta has a cute blog you can check out here.

Sunday Morning

A pretty straightforward menswear look for the fall but executed oh-so-perfectly. Love his attitude and posturing (despite Pilates teaching me slouching is bad)! Mister Carlo’s myspace here.


How much do you love the ease of this look? Throw on a shirt, throw on some jeans, thigh-high boots, and out the door! Obviously it’s never as easypeasy as that, but I love effortless looks, and this one really takes the cake on humpday. To check out more awesome looks of hers, visit her blog.

But beware! LOOKBOOK is a total time-sucker. I’m surprised I even managed to finish this post because I almost fell into the LOOKBOOK black hole… Enjoy!


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