Snow What?


Word on the street is it snowed back in New York. I missed the first snow of the season!! What’s worse is that it’s cloudy here in San Diego! (Fortunately, the amazing Mexican food here is a wonderful distraction, but still.) Correction: Snow in the tri-state area hasn’t reached the city yet! Wahoo!

I’m really looking forward to getting to the brisk weather back home so I can start busting out the layers! While I do appreciate summer dresses, I can never just wear them as standalone pieces. I’m always inclined to layer the dress on top of, or under, something else. Only thing is, it can get horribly hot doing that in the summertime and I do not do well in heat.

So how awesome is it to see style icons like fellow Brooklynite Michelle Williams merging the best of hot and cold to pair a beautiful floral print with a warm coat? (Matilda is looking pretty adorable,too!) Seasons schmeasons — Don’t stow away those summer dresses! Suit Layer up!



I love Michelle’s outfit in this photo but I doubt I could ever afford anything beyond maybe the tights she’s wearing (Discount clothing store Conway has a great selection of tights and they’re only $3!). Luckily, there are less expensive options! Here are a some alternatives I found while trying to recreate Michelle’s look:
I used to have an American Eagle pea coat a few years ago, and prior to it getting stolen, I remember it kept me very warm throughout the winter.

AE Duffle Coat, $149.50

UrbanOutfitters is having a sale on a bunch of its dresses right now, many of which are going for $39 and under! These are some of my favorite prints:

UrbanOutfitters Dresses

In order: Kimchi Blue Floral Fit N Flare Dress, $39.99; Kimchi Blue Floral Minidress, $39; Kimchi Blue Ditsy Floral Dress, $19.99

Now comes the layering! Uniqlo is one of my favorite places to go when I want to look for basics. They have so many colors and I’ve actually found that the quality is better and prices are cheaper than even H&M. The Web site lists the retail prices but when you go into the store, there’s often a promotion going on and you can definitely find the sweaters for less than $49.50 (T-shirts are $7.50).

Uniqlo Basics

Dolce Vita is having a sale on its entire clothing line, including sale and clearance items, right now — just type fall20off at checkout. Sadly, it doesn’t apply to these boots!

Dolce Vita Envy

Dolce Vita Envy, $199.95

I also found these boots from Steve Madden for half the price. sells the boots for $99.99 while Steve Madden sells them for $129.95, down from $229.95.

Steven by Steve Madden Sander Knee-high Boots, $99.99

Steven by Steve Madden 'Sander' Knee-high Boots, $99.99

I’m a total sucker for messenger bags, too, both because of the look and the convenience. I snagged a bunch of my mom’s vintage Coach bags that she bought almost 20 years ago. They’re definitely my go-to accessories for when I need something functional and fashionable. Here’s one currently being sold on

Coach on, $45

Coach at, $45


2 Responses to “Snow What?”

  1. 1 lolo

    I love this photo — Michelle Williams is a great style icon! (And so is Matilda, for that matter!) I have a feeling this photo was taken at this time last year. Just cold enough to bust out the wool coat, but not quite so chilly that you need to sport the scarf-hat-gloves trio. I also really love her aviators.

    Ive noticed that slimmer/more fitted tall boots seem to be popping up this year. Question for ElleStocked: My tall black boots are a bit on the bulky side, am I going to look foolish this season?


    • You may look very A/W 08, but we don’t think you have to stick with trends. Whatever works for you, works! Plus, you always look cute. We really like you, YBF.

      -T of ellestocked

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