What to Wear: Book Party


I attend a lot of book parties for my job. Since I never know when I need to go to an event, I am always looking to stock up on pretty and appropriate dresses. The crowd is usually a bit older, so I try to avoid anything risqué. (You’ll start to see that I take any excuse I can to collect dresses!)

I love getting away with wearing pieces that look expensive but really aren’t. It kind of feels like a joke I play on others – “Ha! You think my dress is by some fancy designer, but really I bought it on the street for $5!” Well, the dress I wore to the book event wasn’t $5. It was FREE! My friend gave it to me after she saw me ogling it for months. I guess she got tired of lending it to me. As for the cardigan, I did pick it up on the street — at a Brooklyn stoop sale to be exact. And it wasn’t $5. It was $3! The necklace is the only thing I paid full price for, and it’s from Forever 21, which isn’t too hard on the wallet.

Terry Outfit

Forever 21 dress, $0 (gift from friend, hurrah!); Dear cardigan, $3 (stoop sale); Forever 21 necklace, $6.80

My outfit cost me a total of $9.80. I went barefoot to the event. Kidding! I wore some very classy heels which were 3 times the amount of the rest of my outfit! My heels, which are not pictured (but I trust your imagination to think of something very lovely), were the most expensive part of my outfit, and the most painful. (Is there always that correlation?) Well, they say no pain no gain. Although I’m starting to reconsider…


4 Responses to “What to Wear: Book Party”

  1. Nice! I am all for cheap and chic. Love that cardigan, the buttons set off the necklace perfectly. Can’t believe your whole outfit was less than $10… The next stoop sale you attend please email… Thanks. lol. :)

  2. 3 dailysbydiana

    <3 the outfit! Can I borrow it next march?

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