It’s Game Time


Nope, not talking about track shorts, cheerleader uniforms, shin guards or shoulder pads today. “Sportswear” actually refers to a more casual, comfortable style, fit for your typical business or social events. Crazy, eh?

New York Times article credited (blamed?) the economy for bringing sportswear back onto this year’s runway, calling the style “modest and quietly confident” And on top of that? “Jaunty” — And, as the writer so frankly asked, “who doesn’t want to look jaunty these days?”

(Photo: New York Times)

Well, I certainly do! Especially with this gloomy weather going on outside, I could really use a pick-me-up. So in light of “sportswear,” here’s some real world inspiration that isn’t exactly weather appropriate now, but I love it so much. Adeline has one of my favorite looks on Lookbook.
(Photo: Adeline Rapon)

I love everything about this — from the casual T tucked into high-waisted shorts, and, of course, the oversized blazer. I’ve tried on my brother’s suit jackets — multiple times — hoping they’ll finally hang right on me but, alas, they never do.

And if this isn’t “jaunty,” I don’t know what is. Love.

(Photo: Katarzyna Smok Sm.)

In high school, I never wore skirts, let alone dresses. Being an athlete somehow warped my mind into thinking I couldn’t blend the styles of both genders. That masculine element definitely has some residual impact on my current style, so I love incorporating sporty pieces with more feminine looks, which is why I love this:

While you’re looking all sporty-chic, stop by a bar on the Upper East called Carlow East, a Seattle Seahawks bar that apparently is rounding up the team spirit by giving away free food (wings, hot dogs, salad) to everyone during the Seahawks games (The Seahawks, by the way, are a football team — I’m embarrassed to admit I had to look that up…Here’s the schedule!). Cute outfit, free food? No amount of rain can dampen that!


2 Responses to “It’s Game Time”

  1. 1 dailysbydiana

    Can I guess the problem with the brother’s suit jacket… the broad shoulders and the long loose sleeves?

  2. Definitely. I always think, ‘oh, it’ll just be a baggy look,’ but it usually turns out to be a, ‘i’m swimming in here,’ look — and no one wants to see that.

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