Would You Rather: Pleather or Leather?


My former roommate moved away for law school, but thanks to the wonders of the internets, we are able to keep in touch fairly similarly to how we used to when we lived together. Well, basically exactly as we used to. Ahh, the wonders of Gchat.

She really wants this BDG Faux Leather Hooded Bomber from Urban Outfitters:



I told her it’s too expensive. Especially for PLEATHER! Since she’s in law school, I told her to wait til she graduates, and then she can afford 10 of these jackets, and then give one to me!

So I don’t know where your leather politics lie, but personally, I love real leather. The texture, the smell, the way it conforms to the body. But if you are against leather for your own reasons, that’s cool. But just wanted to give you fair warning, as I am in the market for a new leather jacket!

Levi’s Leather Moto Jacket from Urban Outfitters:



Madewell Leather Biker Jacket from shopbob:



Helmut Lang Padded Leather Jacket from shopbob:



(Ya see what I did there? I put the jackets in order of least to greatest!)

The trick to buying a leather jacket is to keep going down a size until you can’t get it on. Then buy the next size up! It should feel really snug, like a wetsuit. Leather stretches out (A LOT) and will take your body’s shape over time. The way you want it to look on you NOW is how it’ll look FOREVER if you just follow this tip!

Some more tips on buying a leather jacket:

1) Make sure it is actual leather. Cow and sheep leather are common, but lamb leather is lighter, and more comfortable to wear. Also, there are fewer scratches on the skin.
2) Check out the lining. A good lining means the maker took extra care with the jacket.
3) Look at the buttons/zippers. Do they work? Are they cheap looking? That will also clue you in to the quality of the leather.
4) How is the stitching? A low quality thread will disintegrate over time, and cause your jacket to rip.

As for leather care, here are some tips:

1) NEVER store leather in plastic or non-breathable covers. This will dry out the leather.
2) Think of leather as skin. Just like you need to moisturize your skin, you need to make sure your leather is moisturized. If you don’t maintain leather, it’ll become discolored, stiff, and cracked.
3) Always hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers to maintain their shape.
4) You can use a spray protector which would help your leather be more water-resistant in harsh weather conditions.

I know leather seems like a lot of work (because it is!), but it’s SO worth it. It’s a fabric that breathes and keep you very comfortable. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, can be worn for long periods, is very durable, wind-resistant, great for layering, makes you look totally badass… Must I go on?

Take courage, and best of luck!


6 Responses to “Would You Rather: Pleather or Leather?”

  1. 1 Nas

    for a while i thought i would stop buying leather
    then i realized i wouldn’t so i didn’t

  2. 2 L.

    wah. but i want one like it. =(

  3. i could use those tips :) but thinking that leather needs to breathe kinda freaks me out haha

  4. I am obsessed with leather esp this season… There a few jackets I am eyeing right now a Zara with studs on them. I agree with your suggestion to your roomie… Go for the good stuff. There’s nothing like a real, quality good leather. Great tips as well on the upkeep, I am horrible with stuff like that. Also that Levi’s jacket is gorgeous! Great post.

  5. i am looking for a leather jacket as well! very useful post miss– so timely. i’m going to argentina soon and hoping to pick one up there, since that’s what they’re known for. now i have some tips in hand..

  6. Hey -fromseatosie- I have a few relatives in Argentina and from what I hear leather jackets are really affordable there! You might want to go with a local though as stores usually try to charge more to foreigns.

    Good luck!

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