Pack It Up, Pack It In


I’m missing Autumn in New York and it’s just about the saddest thing ever.

I shake a clenched fist at the world for sending me to Las Vegas on the very first day of my favorite season. Vegas. Where the sun keeps shining, the air is dry; but the food! oh, the food! — Yea, I stayed indoors for three days straight.

In the business world, Autumn is apparently synonymous with conference season. Kids are at school. Parents get their corporate-sponsored vacays. And I…well, I get colds and cold sores. On the bright side, all this jet setting has taught me a very valuable lesson in packing light (I never check my bags). On top of that, I’m so fluid in my security-check rituals that my lackadaisical attitude totally discourages any TSA employee from even bothering to deal with me.

So first Vegas, then Chicago, then San Diego, then Washington, D.C., then LA (personal), then San Francisco, back to New York, then back to San Francisco. By the end of November — and the end of beautiful foliage in Prospect Park — I’ll be ready to cozy up to the city. Luckily, I also like snow.

Some tips for packing light:

First of all, TSA regulations:

Second of all, the key is to be able to re-wear the same pieces but shake it up with different accessories.

For most of my conferences, I can usually get away with a knee-length black dress or a pair of dark jeans or pants (If I bring pants, I usually wear them onto the plane).


For the dress, I like to bring accents like a belt, one of my mother’s vintage silk scarves, or a necklace — they  change up the look but don’t take up much space.

Who What Wear had a spread on chunky chokers, all of which I would love to don if only my neck weren’t so short.

Luckily, there’s plenty of alternatives! DailyCandy is featuring another one of their awesome deals — this time with New York City-based jewelry designer Jami Rodriguez. Just enter DailyCandy45 at checkout and get 45 percent off everything on the site!

A tribute, of sorts.

If I’m going to be wearing pants, I bring a muted blouse that can go with multiple outer layers like a sweater or blazer. This outfit (below) is definitely one I try to emulate when I go to conferences now. The pieces can be worn together or separately, lasting you at least a few days.


Since I’m usually running around finding an outlet to charge my computer or Internet access to file my stories, I’m always hesitant to bring heels unless I know for certain I’m going to be going to something more formal. Otherwise, my trusty black flats it is!

I always bring my shawl/scarf because it can get cold on the plane and it’s almost always freezing in those conference halls! Sleepwear is usually pretty light so you can cram a pair of boxers and a T in there without any problems. Be honest with yourself before you pack the gym gear because that often turns out to be the most cumbersome to carry, especially when it goes unused.


3 Responses to “Pack It Up, Pack It In”

  1. 1 lauren

    I love this post! It made me laugh though because my packing and traveling attire is quite the opposite. I hardly ever carry on — why not check the back since the company AmEx will accept the fee?
    Let’s be honest here. I check my bag for two reasons:
    1. I like to pack many outfit options and I like to know that I can shop and bring stuff back with me should I be able to afford it.
    2. One time I had a bad experience of not being able to fit my bag in the overhead compartment. There was a huge line of people behind me grumbling as my spaghetti arms failed in shoving my larger-than-allowed suitcase in the bin. Oh yeah, then it slipped out of my arms and nailed me in the head. SooOOoo embarrassing.
    As for attire, I gotta don the heels at conferences because they make me feel important. I usually alternate a black blazer and a black cotton motorcycle jacket. I switch up colored blouses and knee length skirts. Tights are a must for these pasty legs. Today I’m rocking a heather gray. Oh yeah and I have been wearing scarves even indoors cuz baby it’s cold inside!

  2. 2 lauren

    I think it’s safe to say that I am ElleStocked’s biggest (only?) fan.

  3. 3 Nas

    ONLY FAN? I don’t think so…
    though you may win for biggest.

    I also love to pack light for the travels… but I think my favorite part of this post was the comment on the gym gear

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