Playing Favorites Part II


So now that you understand the rules of our game (pick favorites, your own, your friend’s), I’m sure I can dive right into the second round, which was ‘Cool Weather’ Looks.

I was confident that I had Lo’s favorite. She kept reminding me to ‘go with my gut’ and when I saw this outfit, my gut did a little triumphant flip and I knew I had the winner. Check it out:

lo fave cold

Cute, right? I can totally see her in that jacket. But when I showed her the look, she said it wasn’t it. I was stunned. WHAT HAD I DONE WRONG??? So I guess again:

lo guess t fave

Nope! Pysche! We just had a minor miscommunication and turns out the outfit I had originally guessed (aka super cute checkered coat) was correct! But then Lo guessed my fave as the above, and although I definitely love the hair, my actual fave:

our fave

There’s just something about that pose and reproachful stare…

Anyway, it’s Friday, and I know you’re looking for a way to procrastinate so email us and let us know which looks you love… Or, love to hate!


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