Playing Favorites Part I


It all started this morning when Lo said, “I want to play our game when we pick our faves on this page.” It’s a great game! Basically, we pick our favorite outfits and each other’s favorites on a page. We usually go to the Anthropologie site for this game.

We played two rounds. The first was ‘Back to School’ Looks.

I guessed Lo’s fave was this:


Cute right? Except, alas, she had chosen a different one as her personal fave:

lo fave back to school

Yeesh, tough crowd! I think those outfits are pretty similar!

And Lo chose my fave as:

lo guess my fave

That is definitely the outfit I paused at. I love the layering! Hmm… on second thought, maybe it is my favorite? But I had chosen:

t fave school

My only qualm with the shirt is the weird owl design on an otherwise awesome nautical shirt.

Are you ready for ROUND 2???


One Response to “Playing Favorites Part I”

  1. 1 lauren

    who’s this “Lo” character. sounds like she has good taste..

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