Flit & Float


You can find anything in this city. Fried chicken at 4 am. Free pizza. Free hot dogs. Free ice cream. Uh, I’m only listing food — er, junk food — here but it’s definitely one of my favorite things to go searching for in NYC. For the really good deals, you gotta know where to find it. Sure, the Internet’s a big help now that vendies are giving out their a/s/l like it’s nobody’s business (Well, actually, more like it’s everybody’s business). But not everyone’s got lines wrapping around the block waiting to get the goods. In fact, some of the best things can be found just lying on a sidewalk.

Ok, so ignore how sketchy that just sounded and get this: we found this amazing pink blouse by Oscar de la Renta at a stoop sale in Fort Greene. You don’t see many stoop sales in Manhattan, maybe because there’s too many people walking around, which sounds like it would be a good thing (more exposure, yea?) but I guess could be a real hazard (New Yorkers do tend to move kinda fast). In any case, the best part about my new blouse? It was 3 dollars.

…and I didn’t even have to wait in line.

Oscar de la Renta Blouse, $3; Urban Outfitters shorts, $9.99; UrbanOutfitters suede boots, $19.99


One Response to “Flit & Float”

  1. 1 lolo

    love the outfit – love the photography!

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