Fall Affair… With HAIR!

I LOVE short hair for the fall. Something about feeling the wind against the nape of your  neck as you snuggle deeper into your jacket… One of the perks of finally living in a place with four seasons!

Saw this great haircut on The Sartorialist. I think this look would be perfect on both gals and guys.

Stoop Swoop

Stoop Swoop (Photo credit - The Sartorialist)

I also can’t get enough of the Cate Blanchett Fall 2003 DKNY campaign! It’s been 6 years, but every single time I am about go under the scissor, I do a furious Google search for Cate’s amazing cut. Tell me you’re not fall-ing in love!


So versatile, no?

So versatile, no?

Is this even the same haircut? (Why yes, yes it is! And isn't it grand???)

Is this even the same haircut?! Why yes, yes it is! (And isnt it GRAND???)

Come back Cate!

Come back Cate!

So if I’ve now convinced you to let your layers fall (okay, last seasonal joke, I swear!), check out Craigslist for free haircuts! Just type “haircut” into the search bar. I have gotten lots of free haircuts through Craigslist, and at top salons such as Bumble and Bumble and Antonio Prieoto.

And if you can’t get free, you can still get a haircut on the cheap. Lots of salons offer ‘stylist-in-training’ cuts (always supervised by the pros!) for any recession-friendly budget – Arrojo is run by Nick on What Not to Wear, Aveda Institute has $20 cuts, my coworker swears by Carsten, John Barrett offers $40 cut and $50 color on Wednesday mornings, call John Frieda for $40 cut and $45 color, or sign up for a haircutting class at Oscar Blandi for $40 cut and $50 color,  Prive has a deal for $40 cut or color, Redken always has great color services, get a trendy new look at Toni&Guy, or how bout Vidal Sassoon?

And don’t be shy about sending us your before and after looks! Just send to ellestocked@gmail.com!


One Response to “Fall Affair… With HAIR!”

  1. nice fashion spread. great shots

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