Nail’d It


I have been getting a lot of manicures as of late. I just feel more polished (ha!) and put together when I get my nails did and my cuticles are not all dry and disgusting. I used to scoff at people who would spend money on weekly manicures, but I am now one of those people I used to hate on! I’ve been going for a lot of neutrals lately. I love the greys and taupes and I also have been loving the greens.

Love this color!

I love all these Essie colors.

And… my other fave color, by Chanel:

I know this color is “old” (2009!) but it’s a goodie. I love it and I want to wear it all through spring 2011. Do you think I alone can bring back this color?


I’ve been thinking a lot about the key items I’d like to have for spring 2011. I’ve given up on disposable clothing… I no longer shop at Forever 21 or H&M. But this also means I get a lot fewer items at higher price points so I have to be very careful about what I add to my closet. Last year, my mom encouraged me to buy nicer things. Her reasoning was (and is 100% correct) that I like to toss things around (true story) and if I pay more for an item, I’ll be more likely to take care of it because I am really stingy and will be super careful/delicate with pricey items.

At the very top of my wish list is the classic Burberry trench. I always scoffed at people who pay more than $100 for outerwear, but I am now on board the tailored trench fanclub train. Watch out and get out of my way because if I see you holding my dream trench, I WILL run you over.

Burberry Beige Trenches

How ladylike would I look with the trench and this amazing Prada Shoulder Bag? All the boys would rush to open the door for me since that’s what happens in my daydreams when I am dressed like a lady.

Prada Shoulder Bag

Shoes shoes shoes! I really love buying shoes, but I don’t really enjoy buying/wearing heels. All that is about to change! I know I look 100x better with heels. I look more sophisticated, more put together, less like a 12-year old. It’s time! And these YSL Slingbacks in Patent Leather are going take me from girl to WOMAN.

YSL Classic High Heel Slingback

If you’d like to contribute to my new wardrobe, feel free to email us at ellestocked at I gladly accept!

It’s been crazy-weather in New York! Snow one day, rain the next, now the roads are paved with ice.

I did something dumb and wore leather boots with no grip today. Not only are they not waterproof, I nearly slipped and broke my neck this morning. During one of my near-neck-breaking falls, I saw a girl step over me wearing the cutest rain booties ever.

Loeffler Randall Rain Bootie, $165

Serious amazeballs. But pricey, no? It’s tough to justify paying so much for shoes that you can only wear for a specific weather condition. However, I do get the four seasons and let’s assume half of those seasons are wet or at least moist…

Michael Kors Lace-Up Rain Boots, $125

I’ve been seeing some really put together gals (and maybe some guys) wearing Michael Kors rain boots. I like these a lot, and also love the color. Would look cute with tights and a floral, summery-print dress.

Tretorn Metallic Rain Boots, $39 (sale!)

UM how AWESOME are these? Imagine yourself walking down the street with silver rain boots! BALLER! These are on sale for $39. And there’s soft faux fur lining as well… MAJOR SCORE.

I don’t need any more rain boots or snow shoes (I have at least 3 pairs) but I always keep one eye open to the possibilities. When it’s crappy weather out, you still want to look good!



So I’m wrapping up at my current job and just faxed in the paperwork for my new job (As the trend goes, T and I will be starting new jobs at around the same time — this year, it’s on Valentine’s Day <3). In the interim, I’ve been pretty relaxed, actually. It’s been really nice.  This lack of real stress has prompted me to wake up earlier than I have in months because I’m not dreading my days! I’m going to miss some aspects of my current job, though — mostly, the people. I love the people around me, and I’m thankful for the fact that we have a bond that transcends a shared dissatisfaction with our employer.

To that end, my British colleague (who’s starting her own health blog, btw — check it out!) alerted me to a UK online retail site (‘As Seen On Screen’) that, beginning last October, has opened up its store (free shipping! no minimum purchase!) to the US! The retailer suffered a 5-week shut down back in 2005-2006 after an explosion at the Buncefield oil depot, which subsequently burned down Asos’s warehouse. The company has since bounced back and its expansion to the US is evidence of that!

The only thing I wish they had was a lookbook section so we can see how these pieces could work together — the shear quantity of clothes and accessories is incredible! More important, their Outlet/Clearance section has a ton of designer brands, which should keep me occupied for next hour or so…

Dahlia Funnel Neck Buckle Fastening Trench, $94.82

ASOS ARCTIC Suede Crepe Wedge With Shearling Effect, $51.72

ASOS Cropped Sweater, $31.03

ASOS Double Buckle Canvas Satchel, $51.72

ASOS Leather Vintage Style Satchel, $62.06

ASOS Tortoise Shell Boyfriend Style Watch, $51.72

Mango Check Oversized Western Shirt, $42.93



Right now is pretty much the first time I’ve  had long hair since T convinced me to cut it during sophomore year of college. Anyway, I’m currently obsessed with learning how to do cool braids and buns and came across this DIY that I LOVE. I see so many girls on the subway with this tousled, high-bun style now and here’s how to do it!


A Bang-Up Job!


This weekend I took a trip to Bryn Mawr, a town just outside of Philly, to visit our friend Nancy. The weekend consisted of dumplings, shopping, drinking and digging her car out from the foot-deep snow-shell that surrounded it (After a few failed attempts at gunning it in reverse, we were ultimately indebted to a guy with a leg brace who came over and helped us push the car out from the parking spot while his girlfriend waited across the lot).

This whole ordeal was not in vain for Nancy had an appointment at the hair salon. She was finally fulfilling my longtime dream for her: to get bangs. Persistence works! (Actually, it was the argument that if she didn’t get bangs now, she probably wouldn’t be able to anytime soon because she’s going to be all corporate-lawyer-y in about 6 months — now’s the time to experiment!)

Lucky for Nance, she’s a beauty before and after.

With her roommate, Lily, pre-cut.

At the salon.

At Mixx.

Here are some celebrity bangs we love:

Camilla Belle

Nicole Richie

Kate Bosworth

Vanessa Hudgens

Zoey Deschanel



Front page of the Fashion & Style section!

Gliding meekly through the morass, looking like a skinny schoolboy in his navy toggle coat, was Jared Eng, a 28-year-old blogger who was enthusiastically waved into every V.I.P. nook.

An hour before the jewelry party at Lavo, Mr. Eng arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel across the street. He ordered water at the bar. “I have the Asian curse,” he said, explaining that he becomes flushed after a few drinks. He seemed more nervous talking about himself than he is talking to famous people. His lips flutter a bit before the words come out. [NYTIMES]

Love you, Jared!